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What Are Dental Implants?

Addressing lost teeth is essential to the general wellness and appearance of your mouth. To allow Washington, D.C. individuals to efficiently contend with extracted or missing teeth, our dental team is very pleased to provide lifelike dental implants for tooth replacement. An implant utilizes a sturdy post that acts as a substitute tooth root, and a specially crafted crown, bridge, or denture acts as the new tooth (or teeth). When you have missing teeth or require a tooth extraction, arrange a consultation at Washington Elite Dentistry and discover your dental implant possibilities.

Dental implants are commonly preferred by patients of Washington Elite Dentistry because of the vast range of wellness benefits they supply. This procedure offers a wide range of benefits for those in Washington, D.C. hoping to restore the overall function of thier mouth. As effective substitutes, dental implants:

  • Make way for the consumption of a healthy diet
  • Never make use of nearby teeth for support
  • Integrate with the bone to help maintain jawbone wellness and function
  • Can increase your confidence when having conversations and when you smile
  • Yield improved biting strength and durability of tooth substitutes
  • Function as a long-lasting tooth restoration alternative
  • Act as real teeth in function and appearance

Custom dental implants are offered to replace badly compromised teeth, from one tooth to multiple. You may be an ideal candidate for dental implants if you suffer from the loss of teeth, require tooth extractions, or are dissatisfied with your existing replacement. To be successful, implants need a suitable amount of jawbone tissue, healthy gums, and a good oral environment. In many cases, patients will need prior procedures before they qualify as excellent candidates. Implants may not be ideal if you are pregnant, smoke cigarettes, or have particular medical problems. At your appointment, Dr. Bernan can help you find out if implant-based solutions are a match for you and your goals.

What Is the Dental Implant Process?

The technique for fixed implants involves the careful positioning of the implant and the attachment of a natural-looking oral restoration, such as full-arch dentures, crowns, or bridges. As soon as the area is ready for the implant, it will be desensitized with local anesthesia. Sedation techniques might also be used to allow you to feel more at ease during your session if you have any anxiety. The titanium screw will be surgically secured within the jawbone at the appropriate location and allowed time to become fused with the jaw via a phenomenon called osseointegration. As soon as the treatment area has totally healed (generally 6 – 9 months later), we will set a specially made tooth restoration and check the alignment of your jaw.

Dr. Berman and her team are incredibly friendly and responsive running the practice like a well oiled machine. In a world where quality customer service has declined sharply, it is refreshing to be attended to by people who really care. The spotless office is conveniently located in downtown DC and every appointment moves quickly - but not rushed - showing the utmost respect for patients time. My Invisalign treatment and crown lengthening surgery went smoothly and I am ecstatic about the results. Dr. Berman delivered me the perfect smile I’ve wanted since adolescence. I would 15/10 recommend her practice to anyone seeking dental or orthodontic care.

A.B. Google

I’ve been going here for years and they’re great. Dr. Austin has some of the most compassionate care I’ve experienced in any healthcare setting!

E.W. Google

Dr. Berman and her team consistently provide excellent dental care, performed in the comfort of pristine offices, located directly across from metro center.

C.T. Google

Dr. Berman always goes above and beyond for her patients. She genuinely cares that they get the best results possible and are always comfortable. She takes the time to really focus on every detail. I can’t recommend her enough. Best dentist I’ve ever worked with!

D.O. Google

Dr. Berman is wonderful. Switched to this practice after a few years at a do-nothing dentist and expected some work would be needed. A detailed plan of care was laid in the first visit and was done seamlessly and perfectly over just three months. Dr. Berman and the staff made the whole experience enjoyable and painless. I'm very happy with where I am from where I was before

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Lifelike Results for Your Smile

Because of the developments in current dentistry procedures, there are many approaches to overcome the loss of teeth with the natural quality and abilities of dental implants. Our team is proud to offer various tooth restoration options to Washington, D.C. patients. To learn about your possibilities for restoring extremely compromised or missing teeth, set up your appointment at Washington Elite Dentistry today!

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Are dental implants painful?

Patients at Washington Elite Dentistry generally experience minimal discomfort during the implant procedure. Local anesthesia is used to ensure comfort, and post-procedure pain is typically manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.

How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants have a high success rate, often cited around 95-98%. Their success depends on proper placement, good oral hygiene, and regular dental check-ups. Washington Elite Dentistry ensures a thorough evaluation to optimize implant success and provides you with guidelines for at-home care.

How do I care for my dental implants?

Caring for dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential. Our specialists at Washington Elite Dentistry will provide specific care instructions to ensure the longevity of your implants.

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